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In Pierre we trust!

Philippe Graux:

"Mr Jeanson did an exemplary job translating my CV and a covering letter from French to Spanish. Quality work!"


Sofía Villalba:

"I’m thankful towards Mr Jeanson who carried out a translation from French to Spanish with a great deal of discipline and attention to detail. Excellent work!" 


Olivier Debeugny, CEO of Lingua Custodia:

"Pierre worked at Lingua Custodia for six months. He helped us to perform financial translations and to review our linguistic databases in French, English and Spanish. He brought a lot of added value to the company thanks to his strong attention to detail and to his very high linguistic skills. Pierre can translate both technical texts and very creative writing. His elegance with his writing style will undoubtedly allow him to produce some nice pieces of literature in the future."


Bob Vrignaud, R&D manager of the environmental association Plastic Odyssey:

"Pierre translated the content of the Plastic Odyssey website (www.plasticodyssey.org) into Spanish. He was focused on the translation but also on the transposition of our message abroad, particularly in terms of taxation. I recommend Pierre for precise and professional work!"


Stéphanie Blondy, heritage conservation agent at Conservation and Valorisation of the Heritage and Museums of Meuse:

"A very good job translating from French into English was performed by Pierre for a heritage tour organised by the French Department of Meuse. Pierre carried out considerable research in order to provide us with a quality translation in a very specific area and also made some important corrections to the original content in French."


Klaus Schenkelberger, the superior of the Calced Carmelites of France:

"Pierre translated, proofread and wrote some twenty documents for our association. Among other things, he was involved in the translation of three books for the publishing house Parole et Silence. His investment and the quality of his work helped us a lot."


Louisette Lelièvre, RHSJ:

"From 17th to 24th May 2018, we organised a journey to our roots for 18 lay associates of which 7 were Spanish-speaking. Pierre helped us prepare texts by translating them [from French into Spanish]. He also acted as an interpretor alongside the associates during their stay in France. Pierre was appreciated for his availability and his friendliness, as well as for his skills as a translator and interpretor. If we had to renew such an experience, we would request his services without hesitating. We wish him success in his projects."


Laëtitia de Bagneaux:

"Pierre translated the summary of my final thesis into English. I was very satisfied with his performance. He was able to adapt to my request and respond to it in a very short time. In addition, he was very pleasant at the interpersonal level. And, thanks to him, I got an excellent grade!"



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