The commitments of Pierre Jeanson, your translator in Angers, Maine-et-Loire

Fast high-quality translations

Available in Angers and active in all of Maine-et-Loire, France, your qualified translator, Pierre Jeanson, presents his commitments, namely:

To quality 

Pierre Jeanson is committed to faithfully translating the original document with which you entrust him. Pierre respects the target language and your company’s terminology. In order to meet your demands, Pierre takes time to gather information about the topic and to check all the details of the text. If you so wish, Pierre can ask an external reviewer to review his translation for a 50% increase in the price. Pierre is committed to having every translation to English or Spanish reviewed by a native speaker of these languages.

To timeliness 

In order to deliver a quality translationPierre Jeanson, prefers to take the necessary time to check all the details. This allows him to process between 2,000 and 2,500 words per day when translating into French. When he translates into Spanish or English, he requires more time because neither English nor Spanish is his mother tongue. He can therefore process from 1000 to 1500 words a day. On this basis, together we can set the deadlines that suit you best.

If your needs require it, your experienced translator, can also work around the clock, by night or during the weekends, but the rates will be raised by 25%.

traduisant bénévolement pour des associations à faible budget

Your Angers-based translator’s confidentiality guaranty and code of ethics

To confidentiality 

In law as in finance, certain information is covered by professional secrecy. For this reason, your Angers-based translator, Pierre Jeanson, pledges to not divulge such information.

The professionals whom Pierre entrusts with the proofreading of his translations shall also be bound by the demands of confidentiality.

Code of ethics

For Pierre Jeanson, it is paramount to work in accordance with certain values. Therefore, Pierre has signed the SFT Code of Professional Conduct to provide you with a guarantee of trustworthiness. Concerned about social and environmental matters, Pierre pledges to exercise his business in an ecological manner and to limit his carbon footprint. To finish, Pierre Jeanson sometimes does pro bono translations for small non-profit organisations.

For more information, please contact your translator Pierre Jeanson in Angers, Maine-et-Loire, France.

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